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The use of reverse osmosis membrane correct method
Source:water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-01

Reverse osmosisAlso called reverse osmosis, anThe pressure differenceAs the driving force, solvent was isolated from the solutionMembrane separationOperation.Of membrane material liquid pressure, when pressure exceeds its osmotic pressure, solvent will reverse the direction of natural penetration for reverse osmosis.

  Storage of membrane element

  - Membrane element before loading pressure container, do not open the sealed packaging, is stored in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

  - Not cold to freeze.

  The installation of membrane element

  - Before the installation of membrane element, should guarantee the cleaning system has been completed.

  - Membrane element in the loading system, proper lubricationORing, strong water sealing ring, can use silicon glue or50%Glycerin aqueous solution, make is prohibited

  Oil, grease, vaseline or oil compounds.

  - When the membrane element one by one into pressure vessel, by joining in the pressure vessel end plate washer method eliminate clearance, in order to prevent the system

  When to start and stop the membrane element began to move in the pressure vessel, at the same time can reduce the possibility of membrane element outside the joint leakage.

  The new film flushing

  - New system to thoroughly rinse after installation of membrane element, the system of residual impurities, solvent and protection fluid completely clean.

  - At least rinse water production for drinking24Hours.

  Start up and operation of the system

  - Before the system startup, strong water valve should be kept fully open.Can be gradually after system start slowly closing thick water valve, make the system to achieve the set recovery.Strong water valve is closed it is forbidden to boot device.

  - During the system operation, at any time(Including the system of pre start-up, normal operation, washing and chemical cleaning)Do not shut down production of valves on the water pipe.

  - Before the running of the high pressure, low pressure through the soft start institutions or frequency control of motor speed flush to drain the air.

  Pay special attention to

  - Ensure the water turbidity<1.0 NTUorSDI15<5, feed temperatureThe < 45 ℃, into the water does not contain may cause physical and chemical membrane damage of harmful substances.

  - Membrane element of residual chlorine content in the water at any time may not exceed0.05mg/L, otherwise will lead to membrane element irreversible oxidative damage.


  - After a period of time in normal operation, the membrane element will be possible to water suspended solids or contamination of refractory material.Under the condition of standard system performance degradation10%, or obviously in scale or fouling occurs, should be cleaned in a timely manner.On a regular basis to clean water washing and chemical dosing can resume the performance of the membrane element, prolong the service life of membrane element.

  - Stop running system in a short period, should be every5Day washing system, rinse after close the valve.
  - The system shut down for a long time(30Days or more)To add1%Sodium bisulfite solution to prevent bacterial breeding.

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