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Water treatment Equipment > The integration of automatic water purification equipment zl - jhs002

The integration of automatic water purification equipment zl - jhs002
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: integration of automatic water purification equipment
  Model: zl - jhs002
  Process: precipitation filtration
  Use occasions: large
  Rated frequency: (50 Hz)
  Rated power: 1500 (w)
  Feed water pressure: 0.5 (Mpa)
  Water supply: 100000 (L/h)
  Dimension: 7600 * 5600 * 5600 (cm)
  Quality features: the river
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Equipment material: carbon steel

  Now enterprises are facing a country about "forbidden mining groundwater protection of water resources policies, factory existing Wells will gradually be blocked, industrial production water will be at risk.And if the use of tap water and comprehensive will multiply the cost of production inputs, affect the normal development of the enterprise.Only the meter is used on industrial water river.But how murky water can make the enterprise reduce cost increase efficiency to improve market competitiveness?Don't worry!Blue water processing company in the production of automatic water purifier will enterprises solve this problem for you, with your water emergencies.

  Equipment characteristics:
  Applicable widely processing ability:
  Widely used in, river, lake, such as the purification of surface water, the turbidity is not greater than 3000 ml/l processing industrial water or life water supply, also can be circulating water, cooling water, industrial waste water purification, such as mine water after recycling, improve the repeated utilization ratio of water.
  Suitable for steel mills, power plants, textile dyeing factory, chemical plant, the characteristic, rubber factory, such as the coal industry of the industrial water and small waterworks domestic water.
  Unique technology design.
  Equipment adopting one-piece purification technology design, the traditional coagulation, precipitation, filtration and purification process combined in a complete equipment, covers an area of less, easy installation.And USES the inclined plate steady flow, automatic composite filter material, mud, a whole set of advanced technology such as automatic backwashing, thus overcome the traditional manual operation of water treatment equipment cumbersome inconvenience management shortcomings, to achieve the high efficiency, energy saving, automation investment purposes.
  Reliable quality of effluent is stable:
  Strong adaptability, the effluent is stable and reliable, the amount of water is enough, the source of turbidity is as high as 3000 mg/l, the effluent turbidity can be stable in 3 to 5 mg/l, to achieve industrial water turbidity standard.
  Modular combination
  Each unit processing capacity: 10 m3 / h, 20 m3 / h, 30 m3 / h, 50 m3 / h, 60 m3 / h, 80 m3 / h, 100 m3 / h, 150 m3 / h, 200 m3 / h, 250 m3 / h, 300 m3 / h, 400 m3 / h, 500 m3 / h processing system, all the different levels of units can be arbitrary combination configuration, the user can purchase according to the demand, and can acquire with the needs of the production of the users face.
  Low operating cost, economic benefit is remarkable:
  Every tons of water treatment cost is very low, about 0.23 yuan/ton or so (including: agent fee: RMB 0.05, electricity: 0.08 yuan, artificial: 0.03 yuan, maintenance: 0.02 yuan, equipment depreciation: 0.05 yuan).Economic benefit comparison: (in terms of water per hour 100 t)

  Automatic water purifier process (map)










Automatic river water purification equipment process

  1, coagulation dosing
  Dosing is divided into two kinds: one kind is before the dosing pump, with advanced instrument control dosage, rely on source water pump suction, suction at the same time in the water absorption of water purifier, this way of dosing is both convenient and simple, and saves operation cost, as the first choice for small and medium-sized water purifier dosing form;The second USES the dosing pump dosing, this method is in commonly do not have before dosing pump conditions or large water purifier.
  2, precipitation,
  By mixing the water into the tank, clarified the nature into the filter tank, water tank sank to the quilt automatically dredge silt storehouse of sludge discharge valve timing.
  3, filtering,
  Clear water after multiple medium filtering, turbidity reach SS 3 or less, has reached to the standards for tap water, available for production and living water, and filter suspended solids are trapped in siphon drainage pipe automatic discharge, thus completing the process of automatic drainage.

  The main technical parameters:
  Water: suspended matter SS < = 3000 mg/L
  Water: suspended matter SS < = 3 mg/L

  Shape structure:
  1, with water tank 9, auxiliary siphon tube
  2, sump tank 10, into the hole
  3, 11 steady flow inclined plate, and the water outlet pipe
  4, water hoses, 12, drain valve
  5, and 13 pipes, filter material
  6, siphon pipe 14, drain valve
  7, 15, mud siphon valve
  8, 16, siphon water seal valve water storehouse

River water purification equipment structure diagram


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